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                              - Subrosa

                              2015 Subrosa x The Sword Stormwitch BMX

                              € 799,94 incl. BTW

                                Dit product is binnen 1 of 2 dagen leverbaar.


                              2015 Subrosa x The Sword Stormwitch BMX
                              • 2015 Subrosa x The Sword Stormwitch BMX bike

                                Subrosa is proud to introduce our first major collaboration project in conjunction with heavy metal band The Sword!

                                There are many cross overs between BMX and music, but with many members of this project also have a shared history together that it makes it more than just a bike with art on it.

                                Ronnie (Shadow/Subrosa) has known Jimmy since his old UGP days (almost 10 years). Jimmy being a rider from Austin began riding with one of our product designers Byron Anderson. Subrosa’s first interaction with the band was hoping to use, and getting permission to use the song Apocryphon (from the same album) in our video Get Used To It (see video).

                                Check out the bike, and you’ll see our take on the ideas and visions The Sword had for the bike. With our take on the Apocryphon artwork, and our expertise in designing quality, durable bikes that riders want, this bike is not made to sit on display; it’s meant to be ridden. I feel this bike captures the look, the vibe, and the passion we both have in our professions.


                                - 100% seamless chromoly frame with ovalized downtube, 6mm dropouts, removeable brake mounts
                                - Custom The Sword seat stay bridge
                                - 100% chromoly forks, tapered legs, 10mm drop, threaded top cap, integrated bearing race
                                - 100% chromoly bars 8.5" rise 28" wide
                                - Shadow Conspiracy Ravager top load stem
                                - 100% 3 piece tubular cranks, 175mm, 8T spline bolt type
                                - Subrosa 25T alloy Shred sprocket
                                - Shadow Conspiracy Interlock V2 Chain
                                - Rant alloy double walled rims
                                - Rant fully sealed hubs

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                              2015 Subrosa x The Sword Stormwitch BMX

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